Bing Santas
Limited edition castings of Bing's original handcarved Santas
handpainted by Ruth Hamner of Ruthie's Rembrandts
Baby Santa    $32
Bobby    $35
- Large    $49
Small     $38
Candle    $49
Choir Boy    $40
Coffee Cup  $49
Conehead   $30
Dopey    $29
Long Beard
Large  $36
Small   $39
Dragging Bag    Plain  $31
                        Dots  $33
Monk   $34
No Eyes    $26
PJs    $48
Santa in Bag    $26
Toes    $32
Trumpet    $35     Front and Side
Union Suit    $49
Front and Back
White Coat    $33
w/Checks     $42    
Woodworker    $49
These are examples of the variety of
Bing Santas available for sale.  Any
custom embellishment will incur an
additional charge.
Examples of the variety of embellishments for Toes.  
These can be used to customize the other Santas.